In order to provide optimal solutions for the home as well as peace of mind and convenience for homeowners, Lux Japan Care has decided to cooperate with Alsok, one of the world’s leading brands in the field of security. security. This cooperation not only opens a new turning point, marking a strong turning point in service construction and improvement, but also once again affirms the core values ​​that Lux Japan Care always persistently pursues in the future. all the time.

1. About the brand Alsok

Alsok is a company from Japan with more than 50 years of experience in the security field. In Vietnam, Alsok is known as the number 1 prestigious brand specializing in providing security equipment. In 2016, Alsok continued to expand and develop the brand with human protection services. At the present time, Alsok is considered as one of the top choices for customers for comprehensive protection services for both equipment and people.

Lux Japan Care chính thức hợp tác với Alsok trong mảng Home Security

Not only having an office in Vietnam, Alsok also operates widely in many countries in Asia and specializes in various security services such as:

  • Security services
  • Alarm system
  • Surveillance camera
  • Access control
  • Automatic external defibrillator AED,…

In particular, the online alarm system is a smart security solution for the home that is very popular in recent times. This service is also officially available at Lux Japan Care after the recent cooperation decision. Choosing Lux Japan Care, customers not only have a clean and comfortable living space, but also can rest assured with the guaranteed security for their home.

2. Stay safe with an automated security solution

In addition to the aesthetic factor and an ideal living space, full of amenities, the issue of ensuring security is also of great interest to many people. However, in Vietnam’s market today, it is still not really popular with automatic security types, while traditional security solutions still have many shortcomings. This shows the important role as well as the urgency in the development and application of automatic security solutions in daily life.

Lux Japan Care chính thức hợp tác với Alsok trong mảng Home Security

Security is always the top concern of many homeowners

That is also the great reason and motivation for Lux Japan Care to quickly deploy smart security services to customers. About the automatic security solution, it can be understood simply that this is an online alarm system, which is mounted in front of the house. If the locks on all doors are locked and turn on that device, when a stranger opens the door, this device will give an alarm signal and the security will come to the house within 5 minutes.

The Alsok Online Alarm System is an easily customizable online security system that meets the requirements of a wide variety of facilities, from small to large. Remote Control Centers are used to monitor facilities, prevent crime, and prevent disasters. When an anomaly is detected, our rapid response personnel will be dispatched to the target promptly.

The control center is always ready to connect with customers, with a team of experienced and highly trained staff who always monitor on a 24/7 basis, throughout 365 days and ready to respond if there is a situation. bad happens.

The comfort, mental relaxation and a full and happy life of customers are always the goals of Lux Japan Care. With all our efforts and experience, we are committed to bringing you absolute satisfaction. Many services but only one mission is to always do our best for customers.

Choose Lux Japan Care to lead a fulfilling life!